About Us

We are three good friends passionate about quality food and other products and believe that every producer of such commodity deserves exposure to a wider range of customers. That passion and with a little bit of help from faith is what brought us together and lead to the birth of organach.ie 

We believe in the products that are and that will be presented here and the people who produce them. In the same way, we believe that our customers deserve a really good, off the mainstream products.

We will do our best to deliver organic and quality delicacies from around the world at your doorstep. We will do everything in our power to help create that connection between quality producers and quality customers.

We will also try and present the products and producers from this website on our blog with the hopes of creating that connection which we have lost in the modern World since the rise of the digital era. The connection that only the local store could give you. Think of us as a lot of small local stores from around the world at one place that is within reach from your mobile phone or laptop.

We would like to get to know you and we hope that you will get to know us and our partners as well, so we can create a bonding connection that is bigger than just a stone cold business to customer relationship.

We are only starting small with a hope of a growth, so stay tuned for future developments.


Olindo Peresan

Olindo Peresan Organach

Tsvetan Kanev

Tsvetan Kanev Organach

Davide Gessi