piran organic sea salt dublin ireland 1kg

Piran Salt with Protected Designation of Origin 1kg

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“Salt is the sea that could not return to the sky”. This is how the producers from Piran are describing their sea salt. It is as beautiful as their product is! This is not just any sea salt, but a high quality and healthy product recognized by several world class and celebrity chefs. Here at Organach.ie, we are proud to be the first to introduce this incredible product to the Irish market.

The uniqueness of this product comes from its 700-year-old tradition of harvesting where the whole process is made by a beautiful collaboration between nature and hardworking man and women, where most of the work is done by hand and the use of machines is minimal. The process is certified by the EU's Protected Designation of Origin since 2014, guaranteeing the high quality of the end product.

The basic process is natural crystallisation on salt-fields, where salt is collected on a bio-sediment base of a few millimetres thickness called PETOLA, composed of minerals and micro-organisms. The harvest only depends on the forces of nature - of the sun, wind, sea, and the assiduous work of the salt pan workers. The salt from the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park is light, rich in minerals of the sea, and of an exceptional taste that provides dishes with extra culinary exceptionalness.