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Tsvetan Kanev organach
Tsvetan Kanev

– Managing Partner –


Welcome to organach.ie, a project that Davide, Olindo and myself hope will bring joy to yours and your customers’ palates. I am a native Bulgarian that moved to Ireland back in 2010 and start working in the hospitality industry. Learning from the best in the business for several years I have decided to up my game even more and enrolled in Dublin Business School to learn more about the marketing side of the business. I now hold a BA(Hons) but the biggest gain for me from my experience at the university was meeting my now business partner.

Davide and I met at Dublin Business School while we were completing our BA in Marketing & Digital Media. Since year one we became close friends and one of the things we found most common between us was our passion for unique artisan products from around Europe. Davide was lucky enough to know Olindo from his previous life in Italy, who is in the gourmet food business for years. The three of us then decided that it is only natural to try and convert our passion into a business and Organach.ie was born.

We hope that you will enjoy the products we present as much as we do.

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