Olindo Peresan

Olindo Peresan Organach

– Managing Partner –

Olindo Peresan

Welcome to organach.ie, a project that Davide, Tsvetan and I hope will bring joy to yours and your customers’ palates. I have a long experience in the food industry promoting various products to retail in Italy and around Europe. Davide is a friend of mine and we have known each other for some years now. When he told me that himself and Tsvetan have an idea to promote artisan food products to the Irish market I couldn’t help myself and decided to join them.

I wish with my experience and knowledge to help and establish Organach as one of the leading catering and promoting companies in Ireland and Europe. Partnering with such bride individuals as Davide and Tsvetan I have no doubt in my mind that we will succeed.

We hope that you will enjoy the products we promote as much as we do.