About Us

Orgánach is a multinational company established in the summer of 2017 in Dublin, Ireland. The partnership was formed by three individuals each bringing different skills and experiences to the table. Our mission is to promote small to medium artisan and gourmet companies from Europe to a wider market.

We believe that there are quality products out there that don’t have a fighting chance against the established trademarks and retailers are just not allowing diversity on their shelves. Our goal is to help the small producers to grow their market share while the end-consumer gets more access to quality and unique products.

In times of uncertainty in the unity of the European Union with our work, we hope to remind people why the open market is important for the economic growth of the whole EU and its members.

Follow the links to each member of the company if you wish to find out who is behind the creation of Orgánach:

Tsvetan Kanev

Davide Gessi

Olindo Peresan