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Orgánach is a company created to connect retailers with local producers of artisan and gourmet products from around Europe. We deliver products with unique quality and history from Ireland, South and South-East Europe.

Turkey with Balsamic Vinegar
Mint & Lime Italian Turkey
Orange & Honey Italian Turkey
Gourmet Italian Natural Turkey 
Tortelloni Ricotta cheese and Spinach Gluten Free Tortellini
Balanzoni Mortadella di Bologna IGP, Ricotta Cheese, Spinach Gluten Free Pasta
Ditali Egg-Based Gluten Free Pasta
Sedanini Gluten Free Egg-Based Pasta
Gramigna Egg-Based Gluten Free Pasta
Mezze Maniche Gluten Free Pasta
Mezze Maniche Gluten Free Pasta
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Our clients are carefully selected ensuring high and unique quality.